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Two Witches X Rucking Fotten Long Sleeve Limited Shirt

Two Witches X Rucking Fotten Long Sleeve Limited Shirt

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Step into exclusivity with this bespoke long-sleeve black tee, a testament to the creative collaboration between Rucking Fotten and Two Witches. This limited drop is part of an exclusive collection that captures the essence of the film in every fiber.

The shirt is emblazoned with Japanese characters cascading down the center, artistically inscribed to spell "Two Witches" in the language of the rising sun, paying homage to the film's haunting narrative. The face of Evil Masha, a pivotal character from Two Witches, emerges from the darkness in a striking graphic, her gaze rendered in eerie yellow and red hues, creating a mesmerizing focal point on the tee.

The right sleeve is accentuated with a prominent yellow stripe of text, further celebrating the collaboration, while a distinct red emblem near the cuff adds a touch of color to the overall design. This garment is more than a piece of clothing; it is a collector's item for aficionados of film and fashion alike.

This exclusive tee is a must-have for those who seek to wear a piece of cinematic history. With its unique design and limited availability, it embodies the spirit of Two Witches and Rucking Fotten's innovative vision. Don't miss the chance to own a part of this exclusive collection, where fashion meets film in an unforgettable amalgamation of style.

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