• Maxime Rancon - Founder, CEO

    Maxime Rancon is a French film and television producer, screenwriter, director and entrepreneur. He's the founder and CEO of the award-winning production studio The Rancon Company which produced the horror franchise Two Witches and some of the most viewed commercials and music videos in the world.

  • Jean Pierre Morreale - Executive Producer

    Jean Pierre Morreale is a French and Belgian Executive Producer. He represents The Rancon Company in Europe and is part of the US Executive team for the feature department.

  • Harry Wagstaff - Director of Sales

    Originally from Bristol, UK, Harry Wagstaff directs our sales strategies with expertise and charisma. His understanding of global markets and strong client relations drive The Rancon Company's growth and success.

  • Pierre Tsigaridis - Director / DP

    Pierre Tsigaridis is a French and American director. Pierre has always been
    fascinated by the darker side of things: he is known for
    directing and co-writing award winning feature film two witches
    (2022) and I who have no one (2019)

  • Stanislav Krainik - Director / DP

    Originally from Russia, Stan is one of our talented Director of Photography and Director at The Rancon Company. His visionary approach and technical proficiency enhance our visual storytelling, delivering captivating and memorable cinematic experiences. Stanislav's deep roots in the film industry and his innovative techniques continue to push the boundaries of our creative projects.

  • Jenny Harris - Public Relations

    Jenny Harris brings a decade of PR expertise to her role at The Rancon Company, where she leads media strategies and strengthens our brand's global presence. A UC Berkeley alumna with a Master's in Communications, Jenny's innovative approaches and strong industry relationships drive our projects to international acclaim.

  • Alexandra Jojas - Producer/Accounting

    Alexandra Jojas brings precision and extensive financial expertise to The Rancon Company. With a degree in Accounting from New York University, Alexandra ensures accurate financial management and compliance, supporting the company's growth and operational excellence. Her analytical skills and commitment to integrity make her an indispensable part of our team.